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What is digital signage?

Professional | Fast | Cost effective

What is Digital Signage and how does it work? Is is simple, you push your information or marketing material on to one or multiple digital screens.

It is one of the most effective ways to spead your companys information, to communicate your services to your costumer or simply show your brand and logo.

By choosing to go digital you can manage all your screens from one account and update your information in real time- from anywhere in the world!

Weivit Digital Signage – it's an easy, fast and cost effective way to manage your digital screens.

Why Digital Signage?

Professional | Fast | Cost effective

We are passionate about communication and could go on forever about Digital Signage, but we will try to keep it short:

  • Communicate your services to your costumers
  • Drive traffic to your store or brand
  • Help build brand awareness – make the name stick!
  • Help spread internal information in your office
  • Showcase your menue or portfolio
  • Build a more professional environment