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Getting started

Easy | Fast | Free trial

Want to give Weivit Digital Signage a try? Sign up for a free 14 day trial account and get access to all featues – from day one!

Already got a smashing TV or screen with wifi-access? Great, lets get started. When you set up your account in Weivit you will get a screen-code, you then use the browser in your own device (tv, computer, tablet etc) to visit a website and type in the screen-code – that is it! Your screen of choice will load your playlist and display your content.

Our free 14 day trial will get you access to run on one screen, once you activate your account you can add as many as you like for 19€ per month/screen.

Step one

You need a screen, most people use a TV (any TV with wifi-access will do)

Step two

Visit the browser on your screen. Weivit will run on any device with a browser such as a TV, Tablet, PC, Mac or Raspberry Pi.

Step three

Login and setup your screen with your chosen content and follow the 3 step setup process to launch.

Our Software

Easy to use | Cloud | Editor

So, what makes Weivit different? By choosing Weivit Digital Signage you can manage your content easily trough our cloud based sofware. You dont need to sign up for expensiv leases, Weivit makes it easy and simple at just 19€ per month and screen. Anyone can do it, Weivit lets you update your screen by using "drag and drop" in our editor. Your screen is updated in real time the moment you hit "save".

As Weivit is a completely web based solution there is no software to download or install. You simply use your existing screen with browser and internet connection and it works from anywhere in the world – why not update from Bali, we would!

You can manage any number of screens from your account. Text, images or video – you decide!

Do you need to change an image? Updating your screen content only takes a minute through our screen editor.

Large Organisations

Easy to manage | Cost effective

Small business owner or large organisation – Weivit works for you!

You can create multiple users and groups with in the Weivit system. Each user group can be given access to specific featuers or screens making it easier for larger teams to edit and manage content.

Need something specific? We are flexible, you are always welcome to contact us if you need specific features.

Contact us


Features | Dynamic | Tailored

We like to have close communication with our costumers, this allows us to continue to develop specific services in a way that fits our costumers.

Looking for a specific feature? Dont worry, we got you!